SDIP facilitates transactions and champions the scaling and replication of financial products required to enable broader systemic change. Members collaborate on project transactions, share expertise and experience with other initiatives, explore practical solutions and work toward developing tools and models addressing specific financing challenges. This is achieved through four distinct workstreams designed to catalyse greater investments into key sectors for development in emerging and frontier markets.


Project Investment Review Group (PRG)

Connecting Capital to Opportunities

The Project Investment Review Group (PRG) provides a platform connect projects to the appropriate resources by promoting the blending of investment and risk appetites, funding and technical capabilities, and ultimately bringing projects to bankability. A pipeline of mature and emerging projects facing financial challenges is presented to members monthly, and a creative structuring approach maximising a diverse range of financial, investment and risk mitigating instruments is encouraged to alleviate barriers to financing. 

Pooled Resources

Addressing Systemic Risks

Pooled Resources showcases innovative products and structures addressing systemic challenges faced by projects and investors. The combined resources of members is leveraged to establish elemental frameworks for scale and replication by institutions or in other regions. 


Regional + National Acceleration

Delivering Impact Locally

SDIP is building communities of engaged public, private and philanthropic institutions across several regions via the SDIP Hubs concept. These groups of local and international champions with a local interest or presence are able to provide specific insight into regional challenges, share best practices, and support accelerating the financing of projects in a localized context.

Policy + Regulation

Informing the Enabling Environment

In collaboration with the OECD, SDIP informs regulatory and policy guidance, and shares best practices derived from our portfolio of regional activities and project experiences. More information can be found on the dedicated OECD page.