Regional hubs

SDIP regional hubs bring together a wide range of local institutions and representative offices of SDIP members to tackle financing challenges at the local level.


  • Convene the leading practitioners of blended finance around live projects
  • Provide guidance to regional governments on accelerating project pipeline readiness
  • Broaden the sources of available financing for projects in the region


  • Identify local projects that benefit from the blended finance approach
  • Validate early stage project pipelines to establish commercial viability
  • Identify investment mechanisms that have proven effective in other regions and scale and replicate at the local level
  • Map and analyze the landscape of regional PPFs and project support capital
  • Host country-level capacity bridging workshops, including support for NDC/SDG investment plans
  • Geographic presence

Geographic presence

SDIP has put in place a regional hub in Africa and is currently exploring a hub in the ASEAN region. Personnel for the SDIP Africa Hub are located in Abidjan and Johannesburg.

Further information on events held to advance the work of the SDIP Africa Hub can be found here and the SDIP ASEAN Hub here

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