Project Investment Review Group (PRG)

SDIP convenes members to showcase late-stage, high-impact development projects on Project Investment Review Group (PRG) calls, where blended finance solutions may help deals reach a financial close. 


  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of blended finance and mobilize funding for projects by grounding discussions in live transactions
  • Identify key bottlenecks in projects and develop solutions to mitigate or remove issues
  • Increase access to financial providers for projects in uncompetitive and/or illiquid capital markets
  • Allow donors to mobilize more funds for projects that meet their development mandates
  • Provide guidance to developers on structuring blended finance transactions


  • Identify projects that meet PRG criteria, assess potential financing opportunities and challenges, and identify solutions during PRG calls
  • Match projects to blended finance capital providers to help move projects towards bankability

Minimum criteria for projects presented on PRG calls

  1. Mid- to late-stage project finance transactions
  2. Project  based in developing country
  3. Investment required in excess of $20m (ideally in excess of $50m)
  4. Significant development and/or environmental impact*
  5. Project requires concessional finance or risk mitigation (blended finance) to secure funding to reach financial close

*Most fossil fuel-based generation is excluded.