SDIP in action


The fastest growing economies in the world are all developing countries and emerging markets. Their potential and need for private investments to boost development is enormous. Despite the higher expected returns on investments and the long-term cash flows offered in emerging markets, infrastructure investments in developing countries are constrained by political and financial risks.

SDIP brings together public and private entities – of both developing and developed countries- that share an ambition to scale up sustainable infrastructure investments in developing countries.

The time is right for a group of committed governments from the North and the South, financiers, investors, and development finance institutions and donors to launch a coordinated approach to more efficiently utilise public tools and interventions. Notably development assistance can leverage growing private capital flows towards investment in emerging and developing countries.


The approach

The Partnership provides a sustained and co-ordinated approach that has the potential to deliver the scale, speed, transaction efficiency, and risk mitigation necessary to unlock billions of dollars per year of additional finance. It will support inclusive growth and poverty alleviation through investments in areas such as water and sanitation systems, transportation, clean energy, agriculture, health, telecommunications, climate adaptation.

In order to mobilise private sector investment, the partners will collaborate to review practical experience in individual investment projects with a view toward scaling up existing initiatives, sharing existing tools and developing new tools and financing models.

Concretely, the partnership’s work will be organised along different work streams. All streams cater to the goal of advancing transactions, which is in particular a central and permanent feature of the partnership.