Connecting Capital to Opportunities.

Through its Project Investment Review Group (PRG), SDIP provides the opportunity for projects to be exposed to a variety of institutions, representing different forms of support to move projects forward.


The SDIP PRG functions as a platform that connects projects to resources by blending risk appetites, funding and technical capabilities, bringing projects to bankability.

Organisations submit a top-line overview of a project through the PRG Submission Template, no confidential information is shared with SDIP. Following an initial review of the information, selected projects are presented to members on a call. Interested members then enter into bilateral conversation directly with the developer/sponsor.

Process Flow

  1. Projects are submitted to SDIP via the project submission template
  2. SDIP scans the project and ensures it meets the criteria
  3. Selected projects are presented to members on a call
  4. Members interested in supporting the project enter into bilateral conversation with the developer/sponsor

SDIP Criteria

Interested in submitting a project to SDIP? Here are some important elements to consider:

  • The project must highlight the need for a Blended Finance approach to move forward
  • A specific ask from SDIP members should be articulated (i.e. type of support needed)
  • The project should meet IFC standards and must contribute to economic development